About Us


To provide the superior and high quality services by protecting the interests of the manufacturers and manufacturers / suppliers which are our business partners in the best way.


Reliable, quality service that varies according to customer needs.

The limits on the international trade has changed significantly in today’s global economic conditions. Traderexport Foreign Trade & Consulting, which is representing you on the basis of product or region abroad and has an important position in Middle East and Africa trade volume steadily rising with expert staff specialized on this area.

Keeping Foreign trade process under control and measuring always easier and less costly than problem solving. We are as Trader Foreign Trade & Consulting serving you with our expertise based on years of experience on prevention of mistakes, precautions that would be taken in the process and/or  resolution of problems that may occur during the process.

Core Values

* We will comply with the law strictly and we will not compromise on it.
* We work with reliable producers who fit in with the law strictly.
* We are aware that we must meet the expectations of our customers with higher quality service than they expect.
* First of all, we aim to protect the interests of our customers.
* Our power is as big or small as the confidence we have.
* Winning our customers’ trust comes before all the winnings.
* We believe in open communication at all levels and in all dimensions.
* We believe in effective team work.

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