Bank Letter of Credit Procedure

Our bank letter of credit procedures:

Traderexport Foreign Trade & Consulting provides professional support and services to our customers in the bank’s organization and letter of credit transactions in transactions you have done. risks Traderexport Foreign Trade & Consulting, which fulfills the transaction sequence and procedures in a letter, is always benefiting its customers with its experience in letter of credit opening, letter of credit closing procedures, payments and certificate issuance.

Our bank letter of credit procedures:

1. L/C opening

After the proforma invoice is obtained, execution of all procedures regarding L/C opening, preparation of a file related to the opened L/C, and presentation to the company upon request ve istendiğinde firmaya verilmesi

2. L/C opening procedures

Term tracking of L/C’s which term are expired, and execution of closing L/C’s upon their validity expiration, delivering file of closed L/C’s to the company dosyasının firmaya teslimi

3. Payments

Payment on behalf of the company all taxes and funds required to be paid via bank, and submission of the documents to the related departments

4. Document procurement

Obtaining on behalf of the customer any information and documents, which will be requested by the bank, and ensuring their submission is performed by us in accordance with customer’s request