Document Preparation and Truck

Document Preparation and our Tracking procedures:

Deploying its experience for the classification of any documents related to the customs, which is also the responsibility of the Ministry of Customs and Trade, as well as in respect of the taxes, duties or charged collected from any goods imported or exported in accordance with current Customs Laws, required for the execution of all these transactions covered by the customs concept, and thus ensures that its customers save time.

Some information regarding issued documents:


It is a kind of sales offer issued by the seller and send to the buyer. It contains information i.e. description, unit price, quotation validity, payment terms, terms of delivery etc. regarding the goods or services intended to be purchased.


A document issued by the seller to the name of the buyer, showing that the goods or services are sold. It includes following issues;

  • The heading “invoice” in the language of issue,
  • Trade name/title, address, seal, signature of the seller and buyer companies,
  • Date and number of invoice,
  • Good’s description,
  • Unit price and total price,
  • Terms of delivery (Incoterm)
  • Payment terms,
  • Good’s weight and quantity