Export Consulting

Our Export Consultation Transactions:

Reorganization of world’s political borders, establishment of new consumer markets and commercial blocks, commercial agreements and establishment of the World Trade Organization (WTO) created new opportunities for the export. The worldwide accessibility to the technology, which ensured the development of competitive producers able to perform cheaper, faster and more qualified productions, has effected world’s economy, and today’s economy globalized. Considering in respect of these countries and companies, there was never a period, which is such suitable to use these opportunities revealed in the world’s markets to their own favor. Right at this point, Traderexport Foreign Trade & Consulting uses its experience to benefit the companies, and grants the opportunity to expand their market share.

What are we doing for your export transactions?

  1. We contact with the purchasing companies on the export market, arrange the negotiation environment in the party country preferred for the agreement, and start the sales negotiations.
  2. We determined the description, specification and standard of the product to be marketed, and prepare these in English.
  3. We prepare and preset the offer or proforma invoice in accordance with your instructions.
  4. We take part at the product related sales negotiations on your side or as your representation, submit offers, prepared the contracts and make the final contact and/or assist you.
  5. We find the carrier/transport companies, who give the best prices for door deliveries, and assist in the stage of conclusion of charter parties and the surveillance of loading/unloading operations.
  6. We assist for the preparation and application of payment (opening bank letter of credits, etc.) transactions.
  7. We assess and finalize the risk prior to letter of credit opening.
  8. The check the letter of credit text, which you receive, and request the amendment of risky issues, and perform all commercial correspondences.
  9. We prepare the documents related to your export subject to the letter of credit, and follow up the entire process of presentation to the bank.
  10. We prepare the documents the export customs procedures, and track them.
  11. We assist the product related introduction works at commercial fairs and exhibitions, and participate to these with you or as your representatives in accordance with the agreement.
  12. We obtain the product samples from the abroad companies or assist sending samples to import companies.
  13. Where necessary, we assist the testing procedures of the product samples.