Import Consulting

Our Import Consultation Services:

Traderexport Foreign Trade & Consulting’s customs brokerage services in order to provide our customers a better service, we have seen that the most important problem of our customs, particularly who are new starting their import procedures, is to find a reliable team abroad and that they are facing some relevant problems. Briefly, these problems are expensive prices, pour-quality products, late-delivered goods and suffering material losses depending on these. And additionally to the provision of customs clearance services, we perform price and market researches with our partners abroad regarding the products, which our customers intend to import telling us that they desire to import from abroad, and make quotations for delivery of your products from abroad until your warehouse in Turkey.

What are we doing for your import transactions?

  1. We contact with the seller companies of the product you desire on the import market, arrange the negotiation/meeting environment in the party country you prefer for contract, and start the purchasing negotiations.
  2. We determine the description, specification and standards of the product to be sold, and prepare these in English.
  3. We collect the quotations and proforma invoices in accordance with customer’s instructions.
  4. We participate with you or as your representative to the negotiations for the purchasing related to the product, place the orders, prepare and check the contract, and make and/or assist making the final contact.
  5. We track all stages until the goods are delivered to you in respect of finding the carrier/transport companies, conclusion of charter party, loading/unloading operations.
  6. We assist in preparation and execution of payment (opening bank letter of credit, etc.) procedures during the contact negotiations.
  7. We perform the risk assessment prior to letter of credit opening, and perform the commercial communications with the customer.
  8. We ensure opening of the letter of credit in preparing the L/C text in most advantageous manner.
  9. We track the documents until performance of the import transaction.
  10. Regarding the import customs procedures, we check the arriving documents, hand these over to the customs broker and track them.
  11. We assist in contracting at the commercial fairs and exhibitions the producers of the product to be purchases and participate to these together with your or as your representative as per the agreement.
  12. We obtain the product samples from the import companies abroad.
  13. Where required, we assist the testing procedures of the product samples.
  14. Where required, we track at the state authorities obtaining documents i.e. permits, standards etc.; ensure the translation of important commercial, legal, scientific documents.
  15. We ensure the translation of process documents i.e. sales/order, payment, transport, customs